Cinthia will be a Councilperson who believes it’s more important to listen to and represent her constituents than to push her own views on Phoenix.  She’s a Laveen local, raising her two kids in the district. She has a proven track record of service in the district, having volunteered on:
•    Laveen Community Council, VP
•    Laveen Village Planning Committee, Committee Member
•    LULAC of Laveen, President
•    Laveen Community Bar-B-Que, Committee Member
•    Laveen Turkey Trot, Chair
•    Laveen Golfing Event, Chair
•    Laveen Egg Hunt, Chair
•    Laveen Scholarships for Student, Committee Member
•    Street Clean Up, Committee Member
•    Backpacks for Students
•    Liaison for Solar Initiative
•    Boy Scout Mom

The daughter of two immigrants, Cinthia often cites her parents as her source of inspiration.  Her father dreamed of one day moving his family to the United States, where he felt his children could create a better life for themselves.   While he had been a police captain in Peru, in America he worked fields and restaurants to provide for his family.  He taught her that the good of the community was the responsibility of every member.  Her mother worked as well, packing oranges for Sunkist, cleaning rooms as a hotel maid, and as a housekeeper whenever possible.  She showed Cinthia that hard work was essential in achieving any dream.  Both had to attend ESL classes at the local church in the evenings.  

Eventually, they were able to save up enough money to buy their own home and start a business.  Her mother had a restaurant of her own, and her father had a cable installation business that her brother now runs.

Cinthia was 17 when she became the youngest clerk at her local Post-Office.  By 19 she had saved up enough money to make a down-payment on a small house.  She chose Laveen because she could see herself raising a family there.  She soon did that, getting married and having two children.

“Back then there was nothing in Laveen,” she recalls.  “You couldn’t even get a pizza delivered.  I was working full-time, raising two kids, and had a full class load at ASU.  I lived on coffee, but it was 10 miles to the nearest coffee shop.  ‘Something has to change,’ I said.  My kids aren’t going to want to stay here when they grow up if there aren’t any opportunities for them.”  So as soon as her children were old enough, Cinthia got involved.

“I started with the Laveen BBQ.  Soon I joined the Phoenix’s Laveen Village Planning Committee, ensuring we get quality development projects and guiding how our community grows.  I can’t help it – service is just something my family was big on.”



Cinthia has two children, 12 and 13.  It was when her son started talking about his dreams for the future that Cinthia knew something had to be done.  

Listening to her son, she realized that neither of her children were likely to stay in Laveen – the community she’d worked for years to grow into a vibrant community.  In her mind, she had always been working to make it better for her own children, but she soon realized that a lack of restaurants, high-quality jobs, affordable housing, and nightlife would likely force her children to choose between the community they grew up in and moving to other parts of Phoenix.

As she began to explore the issue it became clear that it wasn’t just her kids, and it wasn’t just Laveen.  Many parts of the district had developed unevenly.  They all had a few pieces of the puzzle, but very few of them were complete communities – places where generations could live, work, and play.  

After approaching several other community members about running for City Council, she finally realized that if it really mattered to her she would need to run herself.


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